A Thriving Student Community

An Active and Thriving Student Community

At St. Mel School, we recognize that students engaged in activities outside of the classroom strengthen skills learned inside the classroom, foster team building, and spirit, and help introduce children to new worlds of learning. We are proud to offer a full range of Enrichment Programs and activities that help educate the whole child. Whether on the stage, singing a song, creating a masterpiece, or simply exploring the talents of the individual, we believe our students gain an insight into themselves that stays with them beyond their years at St. Mel.


St. Mel Catholic School has great leadership in our very own Student Council. Student Council officers and Class Representatives take responsibility for planning and coordinating school activities and events, including the school’s weekly Monday Morning Assemblies, daily Morning Prayer and announcements, Red Ribbon Week, the annual Halloween Parade and Christmas Sing-Along, Catholic Schools Week, and Spirit Week. Students share their abundant gifts and talents with others by coordinating community service projects, including food drives and penny wars to benefit local charities. Additionally, they serve as role models for the student body, School Ambassadors for prospective families, guest speakers, and visitors. For over a decade, St. Mel School student leaders have participated in a Summer Leadership Camp sponsored by The Association of Catholic Student Councils (TACSC).

Leadership is not a position or title; it is action and example.

Student Clubs

Yearbook Club:

Our students in 8th-grade design and creates an annual school yearbook that highlights the year’s activities. 

Service Club:

7th and 8th graders meet once per month to discuss the importance of service in the community and to participate in service activities.

Academic Competitions & Activities

Academic Decathlon:

St. Mel students practice for and then compete against other area schools in academic subjects. 

Religion Decathlon:

St. Mel students practice for and then compete against other area schools in a religious facts competition.

Math Bowl Competition:

Math-loving students compete against other area schools in a math competition.


St. Mel School students experience a week of project-based activities in Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.

Visual & Performing Arts Programs

Fine Arts:

Students in grades TK through Eighth participate in the Art Exploration Program. With the help of parent volunteer Art Guides, our students are guided through an exploration of our world by exploring different art movements, art styles, fine art and their artists, cultural art, art mediums and art techniques to awaken their imagination and creativity and grow their artistic skills. The Art  Exploration Program is continuously evolving and updated each year to integrate art lessons and art projects to current curriculums and STREAM week as well as moving towards incorporating computer technology.

We love showcasing our student’s unique masterpieces at the annual Art Show and at various local art competitions. Our students have won many ribbons and special recognition from the Sacramento County Fair, California State Fair, Sacramento River Cats, St. Francis High School Young at Art Event and Fair Oaks KIDSART event. 


St. Mel is proud to have its very own school choir that consists of students in grades 4th-8th. These talented and wonderful students help lead our school liturgies in song. 

The Choir program at St. Mel is open to 4th-8th grade students to enhance their singing skills providing they are able to commit to the rehearsal and performance schedule. Rehearsals are held at 7:15 a.m. every Wednesday to practice for weekly liturgies. The choir is divided into altos and sopranos and led by our music teacher, Ms. Callie Turvill. In addition to weekly liturgies, the choir sings at special assemblies, the annual Christian Brothers Choral Festival, First Holy Communion and the Christmas Pageant. Choir members also experience preparing and learning music for Mass as well as deepening their knowledge to the parts of Mass. It is a wonderful way for students to explore musical, spiritual and vocal development. The students are so dedicated and talented and they really enjoy sharing their gift with the community.

“He who sings prays twice.” – St. Augustine

Field Trips

Our robust field trip program is integrated into each class and includes exciting hands-on experiences for students and parents, such as Sutter’s Fort overnight, a week at Sly Park, a week at Journeys, as well as day experiences that include plays and museums.