Catholic School Advisory Commission

The St. Mel School Advisory Commission (CSAC) plays a vital role in advising the principal and fostering school community and culture. Members of the CSAC include the Pastor, Principal, Parent Club President, and other parents as appointed by the Principal. The CSAC meets each month to discuss development, facilities, Catholic identity, community relations, and parent engagement.

Standing committees provide continuity for the ongoing support and stability of the school. St. Mel School has the following five standing committees:

1. Mission Effectiveness (Communication/Brand/Constituents)

2. Advancement

3. Facilities/Safety

4. Enrollment Management

5. Parent Engagement (Parent Club)

Principles for Catholic School Advisory Commission Members

A Catholic School Advisory Commission member, operating at the highest ethical standards, should adhere to the following:

● Support the Mission Statement of your Catholic school.

● Be committed to providing a high-quality Catholic education for every student.

Accept Catholic School Advisory Commission membership as a means of service to the Church.

Recognize that the strength of a CSAC is as a committed group of stakeholders, not as individuals.

Maintain confidentiality of privileged information; that is items discussed in executive session may not be disclosed.

Assure the local school administration that controversial issues are presented and considered fairly and without bias.

● Respect the authority of the Principal as the local school administrator.