Extension Program

Extension Program

The St. Mel School Extension Program is a before-school and after-school program designed to meet the needs of busy families. Our goal each day is to provide a safe, healthy, and positive atmosphere and complement your child’s needs after the regular school day in a consistent faith-filled environment. The Extension Program shadows the school’s policies, procedures, and calendar. This program is offered to all children enrolled in St. Mel Catholic School in grades TK through Eight Grade. The curriculum and daily schedule of events are designed to complement the philosophy and value system of the school and families.

The St. Mel School Extension Program operates on all regular school days, including minimum days. However, please note that we are closed on holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter vacations, and Teacher In-service Days. Throughout the school year, there are usually three designated Teacher In-service Days when our program is not in operation.

Students enrolled in the St. Mel School Extension Program have the opportunity to participate in various on-campus activities, including choir, band, baton, scout meetings, yearbook, athletic events, sports practices, and academic meetings. Our program ensures that students can conveniently transition to and from these activities, promoting continuity, safety, and peace of mind for parents throughout the day.

As an extension of St. Mel School, our program aligns closely with the school’s philosophies, rules, and regulations outlined in the School Parent-Student Handbook. We maintain consistency in our approach and ensure that the same principles and guidelines are upheld to provide a cohesive experience for our students and families.

The Extension Program has an “OPEN DOOR” policy. Please feel free to drop by and see us in action or contact us at (916) 967-3105 or extension@stmelschool.org.

All visitors must sign in to the school office and are issued a visitor badge. 

Extension Registration Forms and Fees

The Extension program continues to offer several payment plans in an effort to accommodate the various scheduling needs of students in grades TK through Eight. St. Mel Extension is self-sustaining and parent fees are its sole support.