Our preschool TEAM is carefully selected for their education training in Early Childhood Development and their ability to meet the individual needs of your child with sensitivity, responsibility and professionalism.

Our Preschool Director Esther Gamache  Mrs. Gamache is a graduate of CSU, Sacramento, in Business Administration. After the birth of her twins, she re-evaluated her career and decided to pursue her love of working with children. Mrs. Gamache returned to school and completed her early childhood education certification with honors. She has been a preschool teacher in the Diocese of Sacramento for the last ten years and now serves as Preschool Director at St. Mel Preschool. Esther believes that your child is one of God’s most precious beings, and He created each one of us as a special part of His plan.  Mrs. Gamache’s goal is to help our children become enthusiastic learners, both spiritually and academically.

Additionally, we aspire for our preschoolers to develop into independent, self-confident, and curious learners, fostering a sincere love for learning that will endure throughout their lives. Our aim is to nurture not only their intellectual growth but also their emotional well-being, ensuring that our school becomes a place that enriches both their souls and minds. Rest assured, your children are cherished and genuinely treated as treasures under our care!