Preschool: Building Skills for an Academic Life

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St. Mel Preschool is accepting applications for the 2024-2025 school year!

St Mel Preschool embraces a play-based preschool experience committed to the health, safety, and well-being of your child, along with building community, expanding friendships, and fostering a faith-filled environment.

Our Preschool Team is excited to be in community with our school families and partnering with our St. Mel Preschool families to share God’s love! 

Please call  916-967-3105 for enrollment inquiries or email Esther Gamache, Preschool Director, at

Mission Statement

St. Mel Preschool, rooted in the Mercy tradition of service to others, is committed to partnering with parents in the spiritual, physical, emotional, psychological, academic, and intellectual development of young children. The preschool provides a safe environment where children can further their awareness of God’s love and creation through interaction with adults and other children. The preschool supports the growth of the whole child by offering a variety of opportunities to each child. Working with the families, St. Mel Preschool will focus on preparing the children to share God’s love and be productive citizens.

Statement of Purpose and Expectations

The preschool will provide a safe, stable, and stimulating environment of fun, love, friendship, and security for children, ages 3 to entry into Kindergarten. The preschool staff is carefully selected for their educational training in Early Childhood Development and their ability to meet the individual needs of your child with sensitivity, responsibility, and professionalism. The staff is accountable to the preschool Director. The Director is accountable to the Principal of St. Mel School. We will provide a safe and stimulating environment that will spark curiosity, nurture friendship and provide opportunities to share God’s love. We encourage children to explore and interact in their environment, both indoors and outdoors. We believe that children learn to interact with each other and the world through play. Through play, children learn how to interact appropriately with others, discover and experience cause and effect, think independently, and make decisions. Emphasis is placed on building moral values, self-esteem, problem-solving, academic readiness, and lifelong skills.

St. Mel Catholic Preschool will accomplish this mission by:

● Provide developmentally appropriate activities that provide children with opportunities to plan, explore, create, discover, express, listen, and learn.

● Encourage spiritual growth through Bible stories, religious songs, flannel board stories, celebrating Religious holidays, attending Friday Mass on the first Friday, and sharing God’s love with others.

● Recognize children grow and develop differently, and encourage students to investigate challenging activities to help develop their abilities.

● Help children understand rules, limits and practice fair play.

● Encourage sharing, turn-taking, making friends, cooperating, resolving conflicts, practicing safety, and recognizing and accepting others.

● Encourage verbal expression of thoughts and feelings, and accepting emotions in others. Children will be helped to learn the perspectives of others.

● Encourage large muscle activities indoors and out, fine muscle coordination, and health awareness.