Our Community

St. Mel Catholic Parish

The St. Mel Catholic Church community led by our pastor, Fr. Aldrin Basarte, and assisted by St. Mel clergy, parish staff and parishioners, support the school through church funding, donations and participation at school fundraisers. The connection between the school and parish is strong, with the students actively participating in special weekend Masses, altar serving, choir and community service.


Parent Community

Working Together For Our Children

It takes a village to raise a child, and the St. Mel School community is a close-knit group of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, parishioners, and the greater Fair Oaks-area business community who work together to make Catholic education affordable and possible.

Catholic School Advisory Commission

The St. Mel School Advisory Commission (CSAC) plays a vital role in advising the principal and fostering the school community and culture. Members of the CSAC include the Pastor, Principal, Parent Club President, and other parents as appointed by the Principal. The CSAC meets each month to discuss development, facilities, Catholic identity, community relations, and parent engagement.

Parent Club

The St. Mel Parent Club, under the direction of our Advancement Team, provides financial assistance, directs school programs, and organizes and moderates most of the school’s volunteer services. All parents or guardians of students in St. Mel School are members of the St. Mel Parent Club with annual dues payable at registration.

The Parent Club Board includes the President, President-Elect, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, PR Secretary, Hospitality Coordinator, and Spirit Wear Coordinator. In addition, each TK-8th grade class has a Parent Club Ambassador who is the liaison between the Parent Club and the parents/guardians in each grade. The dates of the monthly meetings are on the school website.

Parent Club’s primary role is to raise money to augment the school’s operating budget in order to keep tuition affordable. Each year, planned fundraising offsets approximately $1,000 of tuition per family. Parent Club plans fundraisers and events both big and small throughout the school year so that every family can join in the fun, volunteer, and participate at a level that works for them.