For over 58-years, St. Mel School has been a strong, Catholic educational institution in Sacramento County educating generations of students with a simple mission of “Integrating Faith with Academic Excellence”. One key element necessary to grow and sustain a viable, innovative parish school program is stewardship.

As School Principal, I have the responsibility of promoting stewardship among the students, faculty, and staff. Stewardship is based on the idea that all we have and all we are comes from God. Stewardship is not a program; rather, it is an attitude, a way of life. At St. Mel School, the concept of stewardship is part of our faith development. We integrate stewardship into various areas of our school programs – morning prayer, liturgy, assemblies, Student Learning Expectations, and participating in community service projects (school-wide, classroom, and individual). This provides the school an opportunity to network with social service and outreach organizations.

St. Mel School has been the humble recipient of various stewardship efforts. In particular, an Endowment Fund specifically designed to help families with tuition assistance who seek a Catholic education for their children. Other sources include “Bridging the Gap” Annual Fund, and St. Mel Parents Club, which have fostered fellowship through fun-raising and fundraising. In addition, St. Mel School receives generous donations from our parishioners and has the unwavering support of the Catholic School Advisory Commission (CSAC). These contributions of time, talent, and treasure have been instrumental in helping St. Mel School evaluate and shape our mission moving into the future.

I look forward to this school year with gratitude, appreciation for our history, and great hope for our future! As St. Francis of Assisi said, “It is in giving that we receive”. Please feel free to contact me at